Keele University Christian Union 
'Love God, make Him known. Love people, let them know!'

University is a hugely important time, both academically and spiritually. We want to build each other up through hearing God's word, spending time in prayer worshipping together and allowing space for discussion. We are always searching and asking questions and we want others to do the same. We will never assume we know the answer or that we're right but we want to use God's word and listen closely to him as we try to get closer to the truth. We realise that university is a fantastic opportunity for us to share God's love and freedom with others, and we want to do this with passion. We do this by showing God's love through the way in which we live our lives, as well as through holding events such as Tea & Toast, something which has become famous across Staffordshire as the best way of finishing a night out.

Whether you are a Christian, someone exploring faith, someone who just wants some answers or someone who likes a good time but isn't interested in faith, we want to welcome you. We won't push our ideas on you, but we will support you, encourage you and chat things through with you as you experience university.

The Committee

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